Choroid Entertainment and Hard Core Logo II Producers, Trilight Entertainment, Set to Produce Maurey Loeffler’s 1960’s Set Revenge Western, ‘Washed in the Blood’




Ontario based Choroid Entertainment Inc. (Pooka) is teaming up with Saskatchewan based Trilight Entertainment Inc. (Hard Core Logo II) to co-produce Maurey Loeffler’s next short film, a 1960’s set revenge western, Washed in the Blood.

Washed in the Blood will shoot in LeRoy, Saskatchewan, Writer/Director Maurey Loeffler’s hometown, where they will recreate rural Saskatchewan in 1961. In the film, Harry, an 80-year-old recluse, loses his only child to cancer and finally feels free to avenge the brutal rape and murder of his Métis wife 50 years ago.

Loeffler’s last project, Pooka recently won the Golden Sheaf award for Best Drama at the 2011 Yorkton Film Festival, North America’s longest running film festival. Pooka, shot in Toronto, had an amazing all Canadian cast including Katie Boland (Daydream Nation, Adoration, Growing Op, Terminal City) in the lead role, Megan Follows (of Anne of Green Gables fame), Tasha Lawrence (The Line), Chris Owens (Agent Spender of The X-Files), Devon Bostick, Rebekah Miskin and Ben Watson.

Washed in the Blood ( stands as a major departure from Pooka, a story about a teenage girl growing up in contemporary suburbia. Loeffler commented, “I felt the need to come back to my wheelhouse with this film, but in reality both films follow an isolated character making a drastic choice. The great thing about fringe characters is that they serve as the perfect tool to show an alternate perspective of society.”

The film will be partially funded via Kickstarter (, an arts specific crowdfunding site. Anyone can become an integral part of the filmmaking process by pledging a contribution that corresponds with different levels of rewards. However, there is one catch: if the campaign’s fiscal goal is not reached by the deadline, none of the pledges will be processed. Loeffler is banking on this new and innovative social media / crowdfunding model to create new investment sources for independent film, “Since film is such a collaborative art form, the communal nature of crowdfunding with social media paired with the Leroy community involvement is a natural fit.”

Choroid is in talks with two Canadian icons for the lead roles in the film. Set to shoot in September, Washed in the Blood will be produced by the Trilight team and Toronto based producer Adrianna Crifo. Los Angeles based Matt Handy (Creekview Films) will serve as an Executive Producer. Loeffler commented that he is “so lucky to have such a great team on board” and is thrilled to be working with some familiar faces, “I’m really looking forward to working with Kiarash Sadigh (Cinematographer) and Douglas September (Composer, again. It’s great to work with friends who have a natural shorthand with. Our work compliments each other so well.”

The Kickstarter campaign behind the film runs from July 15th to August 22nd.


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