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‘Now that she’s gone, his luck just run out.’



In 1961 rural Saskatchewan, a reclusive eighty-year-old former cowboy buries his only daughter and finally allows himself to seek revenge on the man who killed his wife fifty long years ago.


Rural Saskatchewan, 1961. Harry, an 80-year-old recluse, loses his only child to cancer and finally feels free to avenge the brutal rape and murder of his Metis wife 50 years ago. After a bit of drunken morning, Harry frees his animals, dons his old ‘cowboy’ gear and rides his trusty horse to town. He finds his nemesis, Robert, in the nursing home, where they have their long overdue showdown.

The Script

I had an image in my head of my dad saying goodbye to his horses and I wanted to use that as a springboard for a story. I shot off an email to Douglas September (musician), asking him if he had any music suitable for a story about an old man saying goodbye to his horse. This was his reply:

“actually – i might have the right song for you to start….a traditional song that myself and muxical brother in arms and co-hort Robby Aceto (who plays on many of me albums)
recorded/documented a few years ago. it was never released.
as i mentioned, it is a trad. song called ‘Goodbye Old Paint’…which i believe is, coincidently enough, about some cow-dude gettin rid of (wasting/seeing off/knockin off…)
his horse.”

Douglas sent me the song and I wrote the first draft of the script in one night while ‘Goodbye Old Paint’ played on a continuous loop in the background.