Lend a Hand in Other Ways


It takes a lot to get a film made. If you are able to donate anything on our list or know of someone who might be able to, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

  1. Locations –
    1. Farmyard with a house, a shed and a barn. Bonuses: a well, a long driveway viewable from the front door of the house, animal pens. Built before 1960
    2. Church – small rural church built before 1960
    3. Nursing Homebuilt before 1960
    4. Graveyard (a plot of grass on the prairie). We can’t use a real graveyard as we have to dig a hole.
    5. Cafe / Ice Cream Shop / Candy Store
  2. Vehicles, Props & Wardrobe
    1. We need all kinds of vehicles, props and wardrobe to make all locations look authentic to 1961 Saskatchewan.
  3. Special Equipment –
    1. Cherry Picker / Crane / Lift – Having access to this would increase our production value exponentially
    2. Generator – we’ll be shooting in locations with no power source.
    3. RV Trailers or Motorhomes – we could definitely use some trailers for our Main Actors (to rest, practice their lines, stay out of the sun/rain, etc) as well as Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe, Production Office and Craft Services (food table)
  4. Locations Equipment
    1. Tents – small tents that can be put up quickly to keep the crew out of the sun and rain while they work
    2. Pylons – for marking shooting locations
    3. Tables & chairs – for cast and crew to sit at when not on set, for lunches delivered to set
    4. Minivans, SUVs or transporting cast & crew and delivering meals, snacks, small equipment
  5. Specialized Crew –
    1. Horse Wrangler
    2. Gun Wrangle
  6. Volunteer Crew –
    1. Their will be many positions that we can fill with volunteers. It will be a great experience and you’ll learn a lot about how a film gets made. Our professional crew members can show you the ropes of a specific crew position.
    2. Some crew Positions that will need filling:
      • Craft Services – someone to keep the snack / coffee / drinks table stocked at all times and make sure the coffee is ready before everyone gets to set (very important)
      • Production Assistants – film set gophers
      • Drivers – people to shuttle cast and crew to set and run errands
      • Locations – someone to keep track of all locations paperwork and parking
      • Assistants to Specific Departments – Hair/Makeup, Wardrobe, Art Department
  7. Meals –
    1. We will need one main full meal for every day we shoot.
    2. We will also need what is called a ‘Substantial’ meal (a snack) for days when we need to go 5 or 6 hours without a meal break.
  8. Accommodations –
    1. It would save us a lot of money if we could find somewhere in the LeRoy area to put up about 20 professional cast and crew. Room and Board would be ideal.
    2. One location within a half hours drive would be desirable.
  9. Professional Services –
    1. Entertainment Lawyer
    2. Film Insurance
    3. Film Bookkeeper

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