choroid (kôr’oid’) n.
the pigmented, vascular layer of the eye lying between the retina and the sclera.  The choroid provides oxygen and nourishment to the retina and absorbs scattered light.

Choroid Entertainment Inc., founded by Maurey Loeffler, is a Toronto-based production company specializing in films that seek out truth in society and explore the human condition. We endeavor to tell engaging, enlightening and, above all, entertaining stories.



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Choroid Entertainment’s last short film, pooka (also written and directed by Maurey Loeffler), just won a Golden Sheaf Award for Best Drama at the 2011 Yorkton Film Festival, North America’s longest running film festival. pooka had an amzaing cast including Katie Boland (Daydream Nation, Adoration, Growing Op, Terminal City) in the lead role, Megan Follows (of Anne of Green Gables fame), Tasha Lawrence (The Line), Chris Owens (Agent Spender of The X-Files), Devon Bostick, Ben Watson and Rebekah Miskin.

(poo-kuh) noun.
a mythical figure or imaginary friend that wreaks havoc.

Pooka is the tender, tragicomic coming of age story of Abigail Cooke, or Pooka, as her dad calls her. To make her once popular parents believe she fits in, a desperate Abigail creates a fictional world for her parents’ benefit. When her parents go away for the weekend, the house gets trashed during the biggest house party of the year. Total attendance: one lonely teenage girl.